#ToxicBankers Barclays Bank

Toxic Barclays Bank!! (with thanks to Donnachadh McCarthy for his excellent post)

  • Fracking 
  • DAPL ( Dakota Access Pipe Line)
  • Airport Expansion

 What do all these have in common?
 Britain’s huge banking corporations use the money we put into OUR bank accounts to lend to the criminal fossil-fuel corporations destroying OUR planet’s climate.
 This is an extreme emergency.
 Take Toxic Barclays Bank:
 It is the 2nd largest UK banking corporate investor in criminal fossil fuels, with a staggering £15.6 billion of assets in oil, gas and coal extraction globally.

  • Toxic Barclays Bank is one of the leading investors in the earthquake triggering, ground-water poisoning, methane emitting, climate-destroying Fracking operations in the UK
  • Despite communities across Britain protesting against fracking firms trashing their local environments, Toxic Barclays continues to use our bank account deposits to invest in this climate destroying “industry” and our taxpayer funded police service to protect their criminal investments from the local communities they are damaging.
  • Third Energy the corporation seeking to frack beautiful Ryedale in Yorkshire, should truthfully be called BARCLAYS FRACKING CORPORATION, as it is over 97% owned by Toxic Barclays. 
  • Toxic Barclays have unsurprisingly located Third Energy’s ownership in the tax-thieving tax-haven of the Cayman Islands.
  •  Almost one MILLION HGV truck movements will be involved to frack Ryedale alone
  • Toxic Barclays is also the banker for IGas Energy.
  • This company has the most oil and gas exploration licences in the UK. (HQ 7 Down St, Mayfair). 
  • These include Tinker Lane and Barton Moss. 
  • And in another attack by Toxic Barclays on our national parks, they are also seeking to do criminally dirty oil drilling in the South Downs. 
  •  Toxic Barclays is also the 4th largest investor in iGas. 


 DAPL   (Dakota Access Pipeline) 

  •  Toxic Barclays Bank has lent hundreds of millions of dollars to the fossil fuel criminals ramming this dangerous $3.5 billion pipeline through native American lands.
  •  Toxic Barclays along with 2 other UK banks bankrolled pipeline firm Energy Transfer Partners and its subsidiaries to the tune of more than $800 million.
  •  Toxic Barclays also loaned another $130 million dollars from our bank accounts Sunoco Logistics (owner by Energy Transfer Partners).
  •  The pipeline’s purpose is to transfer oil from one of the world’s largest areas of destructive Fracking in the Bakken Rock Formation. 
  •  They want to extract 24 BILLION barrels of dirty shale oil from the rocks, making it one of the largest criminal climate emergency frontlines on the planet.


  •  Flying is the world’s fastest growing source of criminal fossil fuel emissions.
  •  An expanded Heathrow Airport is projected to use up nearly 50% of the UKs total carbon budget by 2050!
  •  It will lead to an estimated extra 1,500 deaths from local air pollution by 2050!
  •  And yet again Toxic Barclays is deep in the dirt raising funding for this terrifyingly fast aviation expansion.  
  •  Here are extracts from its website shamelessly promoting destructive lethal aviation expansion investments.

 “Why the airline sector is taking off - Cheap oil is providing a temporary boost to airline shares. 
 But it’s the long-term potential for expansion that is attracting investors. It’s little surprise, then, that many airlines have seen their share prices steadily climb over the last year. 
 There is also the promise of new routes and rising passenger numbers, boosting profit margins. 
 Barclays is positive about the prospects for IAG (Heathrow Airports largest airline).” 

Toxic Barclays has been among the banks employed to raise hundreds of millions of pounds for Heathow Airport’s past bond issues.
 So whether it is toxic fracking, toxic airport expansions or toxic pipelines, Toxic Barclays is using innocent OUR bank account deposits to fund climate destruction, in full criminal knowledge of the level of emergency that the planet’s climate disaster is in.
The $1 trillion dollars that is planned for fossil fuel investment over the coming decade would seal our destruction, whereas if it was simply invested instead in clean renewable energy, it could help safeguard the climate for future generations.
( A top priority is for us to DIVEST our bank and savings accounts, at home, at work, at our charities, sports clubs etc etc. Triodos and Nationwide have some of the best fossil free accounts in the UK).