RisingUp Summer Gathering 2018

The so-called governments of this world are Out of Time. We live in a time converging crises: ecosystem destruction, climate breakdown, cyber/nuclear-war, plastic overload, and soil and ocean depletion. It's become clear that the governments of this world are failing to protect our future, and are instead managing our collective extinction. 

Small measures and isolated campaigns are no longer enough. It's 2018. This has gone on for too long, and we will stand for it no longer. The time for an uprising approaches. A tipping point nears. And we intend to do some tipping!

At the RisingUp Summer Gathering we'll be sharing skills and strategy. We come together to build trust, deepen our connection to each other and the land, and to gain strength to bring the rebellion!

The gathering will take place near Shrewsbury (register to get the address).

Dates: Friday July 6th (evening) until Monday July 9th (afternoon)

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View the ever-evolving schedule here

We've got Easum Twit performing a set on the Saturday night, along with an open mic, singing, firepit, and more.

Easum Twit DJing