I pledge to spend a week in a room having my food made for me in order to save hundreds of children from an early death

Stop Killing Londoners – Cutting Air Pollution

I​ ​will​ ​go​ ​to​ ​prison​ ​to​ ​stop​ ​needless​ ​death​ ​and​ ​suffering from air pollution and climate change.​ ​I.e.​ ​I​ ​will​ ​repeatedly​ ​block​ ​major intersections, accepting that doing so may lead​ ​to​ ​a​ ​spell​ ​in​ ​prison​, in order ​to​ ​highlight​ ​how​ ​urgently​ ​and​ ​drastically​ ​air​ ​pollution​ ​must​ ​be​ ​cut, and to demand that the government take immediate action.

The​ Action

The Rising up campaign – Stop killing Londoners – Cut air pollution – is blocking roads to get the authorities to take action on the 40,000 lives a year being cut short because of pollution – rather than following the interests of the oil and car industries.

This escalation will peak in November with 30+ people blocking roads day after day till they are imprisoned at the peak of the campaign. The aim is to force the issue into the news media and onto the political agenda. Because we cannot longer wait for real change to happen on reducing pollution and carbon emissions – we are out of time.

The​ Theory

Thousands of people around the world and through history have made the decision to go to prison to promote the greater good. We are in a cultural bubble in this country in thinking this is unusual or particularly radical – it is not.

This action will showcase to UK radical political culture what an open civil disobedience campaign in the mold of Martin Luther King and Gandhi looks like. The violence and oppression they confronted is no less than the violence and oppression of what the carbon economy is doing the natural world and our children.


We will require a clear commitment from all the people involved during October and on Saturday October 28th there will be a training/briefing day at which we will form affinity groups. The arrestable actions will then start on October 30th, likely taking place until around November 3rd. Participants can expect to remain in jail (on remand) for at least 5 days (great time for reading!), and can expect for the campaign to be central to their lives until around November 12th. However, the timeline cannot be accurately predicted, and we cannot entirely control when we will be sent to jail, nor when we will be released. The intention is to have a celebratory party in the first week of Dec.

More​ ​info

More info can be found in this SKL briefing.

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