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Rising Up! is run by volunteers and people can do what they want, so long as it doesn't contradict our principles and values. This has been shown to be a good way of organising, it helps a network to grow when people don't have to ask for permission to act. This means that things may happen using #RisingUp! as a name that those managing the website are less aware of. People in charge of campaigns may change and so on. If it feels a little chaotic as a result please forgive us! If you have any edits or updates for this page contact us at and if you'd like to receive the Rising Up! newsletter sign up on the website by entering your email on the top right and clicking 'sign up'.

Here are our current campaigns (updated June 2017)

LSE #LifeNotMoney

Thirty years of growing neglect, cruelty and outright corporate greed towards workers and staff at the school is going to change into something beautiful and life affirming. Recently activists broke bail conditions to carry on chalking on the institution to raise awareness of the issues of deep inequality. Unusually no arrests happened, which could have led to jail time. Keep abreast of activities here.

Heathrow #NoNewRunways

In February 5 Rising Up activists closed down the tunnel at Heathrow airport to protest against airport expansion. We are delighted that the defendants were given very minimal fines. 

The defense laid out an argument for “reasonable excuse” to justify the actions of the protestors. Compelling evidence of air pollution, community damage and climate change were presented alongside the point that democracy has failed and that such actions are the only way to get heard.

One of the defendants, Stu, was grilled in the doc as to whether he had tried alternative methods to getting his message across that didn’t severely disrupt and inconvenience travellers. He responded that he had helped to organise a march 25,000 people but it had received less publicity than the action to block the tunnel at Heathrow. Simon, who had broken bail conditions to participate in the protest and had stated he was willing to risk going to jail to take a stance for sanity and future generations also explained that public engagement can involve a process of polarising opinion in which people feel offended by the action but nevertheless talk about the issue at hand as a result. All defendants expressed their regret and conflict at having caused disruption for passengers, but stated that they felt the severity of the bigger issues at stake justified their actions. They stated they considered the disruption of losing a family member due to air pollution to be far greater than the inconvenience caused on the day. One of the defendants, Daniel, said,  "It is clear that what we call democracy has become redundant and ineffective in dealing with such vital issues”.

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Previous Campaigns

Barclays #ToxicBankers

Barclays #ToxicBankers- SUCCESS! they are going to divest!

In early May, as part of Global Divestment Mobilisation, groups #RisingUp across the UK took part in actions to demand Barclays Bank Divest from Third Energy (they have a 97% stake in this fracking company). Barclays have announced they will be divesting! WooHoo! There have  been ongoing campaigns from People and Planet, Sum of Us and Friends of the Earth. Rising Up! added to this energy with our spray chalk actions in Edinburgh, Huddersfield, Stroud, Oxford and across Bristol, in some cases leading to arrests. They were friendly actions (staff were often offered tea and cakes and a letter of explanation) but we feel also included a level of confrontation that evidence shows is required as part of change processes. IF YOU TOOK PART in these actions.. thank you! A principle in Rising Up is to reflect on our actions- how did it go? Let us know here! More information here.

King's College Climate Emergency Write-up

Roger has created a write-up of the successful 8-week KCCE divestment campaign. You can read up on the tricks and tips of the 'trade' on the RU blog.

This Election Stinks! How to Fake a Democracy

WAKE UP UK Citizens! – You don’t have a genuine democracy! So GE2017 is done. There are some victories to celebrate. Justice, peace and a world fit for future generations feel possible. But we mustn't just play the rigged game of their #FakeDemocracy. Here's why the Tories still have a bigger share of the vote, watch video. The “playing field” is almost vertical – we have a system rigged for the rich and corporations and it is leading to fascism. Rising Up! is calling for mass civil disobedience with ideas for actions here. Here are 15 ways to Fake a Democracy. Let's take on the #ToxicMedia