I pledge to participate in a communications blockade of Cuadrilla and supplier AE Yates on Feb 23rd and / or 24th to say  #BankruptCuadrilla #UnitedAgainstFracking if at least 30 people join me. This will involve telephoning specific numbers, accessing specific webpages and posting on social media like Facebook and twitter (whichever I am confident in and in a specific time slot or slots to suit me). I do this in support of the anti-fracking movement and the folks holding off fracking in their localities with direct action, protests and camps. Let's show them our movement gets stronger! 

We'd like 100 people.


We have reached 86 of 100.

Understanding that there is safety and power in numbers, I join this pledge to help bring together a critical mass of people, to take coordinated, peaceful and powerful acts of civil disobedience. We need an effective lever over a corporatised power system that is geared for destruction of life as we know it. Potential actions will be shared with the group, with local, national and international focus.

We need 1,000 people.


We have reached 93 of 1,000.

Anti-democratic media owners in the UK hold a monopoly over public opinion and consciousness. They actively downplay climate change, promote endless war and hatred of vulnerable people. I would like Compassionate Revolutionaries to join me in peacefully sabotaging the corrupt corporate media by reducing its visibility within news outlets. Alternative messages can also be stuck to free newspapers.

We need 200 people.


We have reached 150 of 200.

DONE! I pledge to participate in a communications blockade of Heathrow Airport on Nov 19th to say #StayGrounded - no airport expansion, if at least 50 people join me. This will involve telephoning specific numbers, accessing specific webpages and posting on social media like Facebook and twitter (whichever I am confident in and in a specific time slot or slots to suit me). I do this as part of a wider set of actions taking place at Heathrow on that day so people across the UK and world can say no to climate changing aviation expansion. 

We'd like 50 people.


We have reached 47 of 50.

With our broken democracy incapable of addressing society’s multiple crises, I pledge, alongside 500 UK citizens, to undertake collective tax disobedience. Taxation underpins democracy – it is our mutual investment in society. Yet the collection and spending of tax are rigged to suit unaccountable corporations and the wealthy. We want a genuine democracy that provides urgent, fitting responses to the escalating crises in our environment, well-being and economy. #taxdisobey

We need 500 people.


We have reached 117 of 500.

DONE! On Nov 19th I will join Rising Up! and at least 100 people in an action at Heathrow Airport, demanding that climate change and air pollution are fully considered by the Government when defining transport and aviation policy. We cannot allow the environmental and social consequences of aviation to be ignored. "Climate crisis is a racist crisis". This action carries a significant risk of arrest - I am willing to put myself on the line to fight climate change. TARGET REACHED- PLEASE SHARE!

We'd like 125 people.


We have reached 105 of 125.

SUCCESS- ACTION COMPLETE! Supported by Reclaim The Power: In defense of the planet and its people, I pledge to stand together with at least 400 people to undertake safe, effective, family friendly, peaceful action against aviation expansion, on October 1st at Heathrow. It is unregulated, cannot be de-carbonised and is directly impacting the health and well being of communities both locally and globally, as well as the very planet we all live upon. #StayGrounded #StopAirportExpansion 

Thanks for your support!


We've reached our goal of 600 people.

I pledge to take part in protests and acts of peaceful mischief at Heathrow Airport on November the 19th if at least 100 other people join me. The protests are to say #StayGrounded- no airport expansion, aviation and climate change must be addressed. (I understand that these protests wll be designed to minimise the risk of arrest (though any protest carries that risk)).

We'd like 100 people.


We have reached 31 of 100.

I pledge to bring more compassionate action to the Labour Party and in politics generally by supporting a model of kindness, humility and boldness.  I will be a model, creator, supporter and seeker of kindness and compassion in my communication (in meetings, on social media, internally and externally). I will dedicate time and practice to strengthen our collective ethics, integrity, heart and leadership. 

We need 200 people.


We have reached 47 of 200.

Refugees and migrants are people; they are mothers, fathers, babies, brothers and sisters, all traveling to find a place where they can live safely.  Join this pledge to find out how to host a person in need.  We call on 500 people to join us. 

We need 500 people.


We have reached 51 of 500.

Every 6 months I will dedicate a specific time for a heartfelt expression of my belief that all life on Earth is sacred and needs to be protected. I commit to being an agent of change and call for Ecocide to be recognised as the 5th International Crime against Peace.

We need 1,000 people.


We have reached 194 of 1,000.

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